Friday, September 14, 2012


By Leanne Allinson....

Okay. So I know I am totally biased when it comes to our kids. It's genetically wired into us as parents, I'm sure, to believe that our children are the cutest kids on earth, with the sweetest of smiles. :) And of course it helps portray that image when we usually only share the best photos we have of them. ;D But it wasn't until recently, when a friend was looking through my photos of Tahlia and just stopped and said.. "Gee... She's so photogenic", that I really stopped to think about it.

There was a certain amount of pride as I just stood back, smiled and silently agreed. :) And I know that at the moment (aged 12) she is starting to get really body conscious with certain WRONG ideas in her head as to what the media says she should look like, just to be pretty. So the photogenic conversation and her body image ideas have obviously stuck in my head. Because as I sat down to scrap in the last day or two, I converged the two thoughts into one and this is what I produced...
Project and post by Leanne Allinson

Products used :
Fancy That Dies - Photo Corners set 2, Doily Flower 1, Sweet Blooms

Project and post by Leanne Allinson

I have used the new release Doily Flower 1 and photo corners 2 from the Fancy That Dies range available from The Papercraft Hub. And yes... I've snuck in the sweet blooms die...again!

Project and post by Leanne Allinson

I've cut out two of the doily flower 1's and used one as a matte under the main cluster. The other one I simply trimmed down to create these lacy edges on my border. A cute feminine touch. :)

I've also gone on to journal some more private thoughts about her ideas and included it as hidden journaling on my layout. I want her to remember how I interpreted her feelings on the subject of body image, at a later date. And no matter what anyone else says... I think she is the cutest, most photogenic girl on the planet! hahaha.. maybe even in the whole universe. :)

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