Thursday, September 13, 2012

Cold Sand

Hello Friends. It's time for "Fancy That Wednesday", thanks to The Papercraft Hub. :) And I have a layout to share with you that incorporates a few of the gorgeous dies available from the shop...

"Cold Sand"

Created by Leanne Allinson

The scalloped rolled rose from the new release has been layered with the base of several sweet blooms petals. I love that the effect is so dramatic and has an icy demeanor, accentuated by being cut from the blue cardstock... after all, I was journaling about "cold sand". a.k.a "snow"!! *grin*

The petals on the rose have been rolled tight and bent ever so slightly to create the fresh opening of a rose. The ginkgo die also reminds me of frost spreading across the layers of paper. I've left some of the leaves to reach upwards, free of adhesive, to add to the look and appeal. :)


As for the strange title... LOL! When Tahlia was 22 months old, we traveled to England to visit hubby's family. It was in February and she (and myself) saw snow for the very first time! The trouble was, for a beach-going, Summer - loving toddler, it was really hard to explain what snow was! lol! Tahlia however, came up with her own explanation of what it was. Simply put... it was "cold sand"!

So last year, our very worldly 11yo, decided she could tell her brothers exactly what this business of snow was all about! *grin* I dare say she doesn't really remember her trip to England, but sometimes explanations stick and stay true! hahaha!
Do you have any sayings that stay with you as you or your children grow?! I love jotting these things down and reusing them like this! 

Thanks for visiting.

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