Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Rainbow Die-namics tutorial by Jody Morrow

With the Rainbow die on it's way, I searched for some tutorials that will make using this die easy.

This tutorial is by Jody Morrow, another talented My Favorite Things designer.

A Plethora if Rainbows

Let me tell you why I love the Rainbow Die-namics:
  1. It cuts a rainbow with an appropriate number of "stripes" - 7. Those of you who like accuracy will LOVE that! ROYGBIV (which I will explain below) can happen with this die. No choosing which colors to leave out.
  2. You can match your rainbow stripes to patterned paper. Just seven passes through the die-cutting machine with different colors and you can make SEVEN rainbows will all the pieces.
  3. If you want a smaller number of stripes, just remove some from the top or bottom to customize.
  4. The die was designed to work with BOTH sets of cloud dies, so take your pick between the Flat Bottom clouds or Cloud Trio and watch the magic happen.
  5. Rainbows are cute, happy, and can be used to make simple, scappy cards. No fuss, no mess, just CUTE!
Before I continue on (man this is getting wordy, sorry LOL), let me explain ROYGBIV for those of you who don't know. That is how I learned (and subsequently taught my children) the order of stripes on a rainbow.
  • Red
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Indigo
  • Violet
Of course, the rainbow rule isn't set is stone for crafting, so feel free to make the rainbow of your choice... especially if it's pink. LOL

Let me show you my trio of simple, scrappy rainbow cards:

For the trio, I used the new Lime Twist My Mind's Eye 6 X 6 patterned paper pad. I kept em' sweet, simple, and scrappy.

For this card, I used the Cloud Trio Die-namics and Great Outdoors stamp set.

For this one, I used the Flat-Bottom Clouds Die-namics die. I also played on the rainbow theme by using matching colors of brads to line the bottom of the card.

I let the paper do the talking on this one and let the "happy accident" shine by adding just the rainbow and cloud to the adorable pattern on the paper. I decided to stitch two of the felt clouds together to add some pizazz. A double-stitched line added a little something without adding too much.

Here is a look at the Rainbow die:

Now, let me show you my trick for creating PERFECT Rainbows with ease. No lining things up, no craziness, just EASY!

Cut seven rainbows out using seven different colors of card stock (I chose colors that matched my patterned paper) and put your empty Rainbow Die-namics die in front of you to use as a "mold".

One color at a time, put your rainbow stripes in the die, as shown. Be sure to press them in there well and make sure they are inside the lines of the die. Put the "pretty" side of your card stock down.

I used a combination of red line tape and red line sticky dots, making sure to cover all the rainbow stripes. The goal here is to make sure the whole rainbow is connected well.

Slide out the rainbow (I used my paper piercer) and it will all be in one awesome piece. Here, you can see the finished rainbow with a TON of leftover pieces. The BEST part about it being all in one piece, is you can pop it up using dimensionals and not struggle with so many small pieces.

And here is my finished SEVEN rainbows, which can all be used with the My Mind's Eye Lime Twist 6 X 6 patterned paper pad. That's a lot of fun! :)

You can view this Tutorial and other projects at Jody's blog http://confessionsofaribbonaddict.blogspot.com/2011/06/plethora-of-rainbows.html

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